The Constitution of New Covenant Bible Fellowship


The name of this fellowship of believers is New Covenant Bible Fellowship and is a New Covenant reformed baptist church.


The purpose of New Covenant Bible Fellowship is to build up the believer in the Faith so that he will be able to function as a believer/priest in the body of Christ, and as an ambassador for the King of Kings to the world.


  1. The Fellowship shall be guided in all matters by the Elders.
  2. The Elders shall have the final say in all matters pertaining to the Fellowship.
  3. Elders shall be chosen by the then existing Elders.
  4. The term of an Elder is for life, unless he removes himself or is removed by his fellow Elders.
  5. An Elder may be removed by a majority decision of the existing Elders.
  6. The Deacon is an Elders' helper.
  7. Deacons shall be appointed by the Elders as the Elders deem necessary.
  8. Deacons shall serve for as long as the Elders deem necessary.


  1. New Covenant Bible Fellowship has no formal membership.
  2. One is viewed by the Elders as being an informal member when he has fulfilled the following requirements:
    1. He attends New Covenant Bible Fellowship.
    2. He seems to have a genuine profession of faith.
    3. He gives evidence of desiring to be a part of the life of the Fellowship.
    4. He calls New Covenant Bible Fellowship his church home.
  3. One will not be asked to be involved in the ministry of the Fellowship if he has not fulfilled the informal membership requirements.

Church Discipline

New Covenant Bible Fellowship recognizes its need to exercise Biblical discipline to bring professed believers caught in sin to repentance and restoration, and to protect the purity of the Fellowship. This discipline will be administered according to the guidelines of the Word of God.


Matthew 18:15-17, 1 Corinthians 5:1-13, 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15, Titus 3:9-11

Amending the Constitution

The constitution may be amended by the decision of the Elders.